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Waxing Floors

SERVPRO is always here to help! Even if that means taking your worn floors to a new level! We helped this school strip, buff, and wax the flooring just in time for the back to school season!

Sink Leak

Sometimes, areas of your home can suffer damage slowly rather than a large damage at once. That slow sink leak, can possible cause more damage over that extended time than the sudden burst of a pipe would. How? When a pipe bursts, as a homeowner, sometimes you will have the opportunity to act quickly before damage has set in. A slow sink leak gone unnoticed, can cause cabinet swelling, extend to the sheetrock and subfloor. If gone unnoticed, a sink leak can really throw 

HVAC Back Up Causing Ceiling Spots

Occasionally, you may see some brown staining on a ceiling throughout a building or in your own Tuscaloosa home. One's first though is roof damage caused this staining after a hard rain. While that is always a possibility, that you should check out, the HVAC unit is also a probable cause. Your unit's drip pan can over flow and spill causing damage to your ceilings. Another possibility is your drain lines could be clogged causing the water to overflow versus flowing out. 

When a Resident is Creative

As a property manager, you cannot see what goes on in every building or apartment in your facility. You have to trust, that your residence or business renters are abiding by contracts and a little common sense. Sometimes, you will find a tenant can get creative in their lifestyle. Pictured- you will find a tenant created their own version of a bidet in a bathroom. However, if you are not a plumber, maybe hire one next time to prevent water damages from ruining your day. 

Personal Protection in Mold Remediation

When you are dealing with older buildings or potential mold growth in Tuscaloosa, being sure to contain any airborne spores is vital. You will see many SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa teams build a containments in the rooms that the work in sealing off any movement of the spores from the rest of the building. Not only will the SERVPRO crew protect the rest of the home, but they will protect themselves from the spores with personal protective gear like you see pictured. 

Fire Damage on Furniture

It takes a professional restoration company to work with your insurance adjusters and determine what items can be saved from the fire and what is beyond repairable.

Wooden furniture can suffer damage from acidic soot or charing from direct heat. When your home suffers, your contents suffer as well. The extreme heat causes the materials to swell absorbing soot and smells within their pores. The contents cool quickly trapping those smells into the piece and causing your tragedy to linger longer. SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa can help you and your insurance company determine what items in your home can be saved and what the insurance may need to replace, all depending on your policy.

Soot Stained Porcelain Figurines

At SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa, we take care of your home as well as your contents. While your contents have gone through a trauma as your Tuscaloosa home and family have, our team members will take effort in kindly wrapping and cleaning these cherished items. Soot covered items need to be cleaned quickly to keep the whites in the porcelain from staining. 

Tuscaloosa Strip and Wax

If your local business's floors start looking dull and dirty, even after the daily routine maintenance, it is time to let SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa come strip and wax the floors. Depending on how much traffic your building's floors get will reflect (pun intended) how often the flooring needs to be waxed. A school would benefit from stripping and waxing at the end of the summer so the floors look fresh and new for each school year! When your business is in need, call SERVPRO® of Tuscaloosa to speak to a rep in your area at 205-339-5022

Moving Out after Storms

When disaster strikes in Tuscaloosa, who do you turn to for help? SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is here to help you get your home back in order. After storms strike in Tuscaloosa County, we are here to help pack your home contents and move them into our storage facility or pod storage until we can get your home dried out and put back together. SERVPRO of tuscaloosa can then help clean after contractors and move your contents back into your home. We are here from start to finish to help your household get through all disasters.

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Storm Response Team

Here at SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa, we are thankful to be a part of the SERVPRO Wilson Storm Team. When the tornadoes passed through Hattiesburg Mississippi in January 2017, our crews were ready and waiting to get the call for help. Tuscaloosa sent two teams to Hattiesburg to help. Our teams are there to help Mississippians that were affected by the tornadoes dry out their homes, pack and store their belongings, and try to get a jump start to getting their daily lives back in order. 

We still work hard here at home. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is always here to help.

If you have Water, Fire, Storm, or Mold Damage call


for your restoration and remediation needs.

Our crew here at SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is always Here to Help.

Testing for Moisture in Walls

In this picture, you will see our SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa rep using a professional tool to check the sheet rock in a Tuscaloosa County home. Our rep is making sure that the moisture levels are good in the walls and the potential for microbial growth is minimal.

Moisture in Wall Leads to Mold

Here again, we have a picture of SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's moisture meter reading high levels of moisture in the walls of a home. Our crews are trained in IICRC WRT to get your home dry to prevent this from happening to you. 

Sheetrock Mold

Moisture from a water damage can be spread quickly and be in places most homeowners think that a box fan alone will dry out. This is not always the case. Carpet water damage soaked into the drywall leading to mold from moisture that was not dried. 

Carpet Mold

There are times when SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa needs to pull up carpeting to make sure everything is dry. When this step is refused by businesses or homeowners, molding can occur and make the process extend longer. 

Apartment Water Damage

Sometimes, your upstairs neighbor can practice their swimming technique, but you may suffer the aftermath the worst. A multi-level water damage can become serious very quickly. You may can have your local maintenance crew take care of the source, but the travelling damage can really make the costs go through the roof. 

Closet Mold

If your hot water heater bursts in the utility closet, extracting the water and getting it dry is your priority. However, many times homeowners do not thing to go beyond those two steps. This could lead to microbial growth.

Standing water on Hardwood

One of the downfalls of hardwood flooring, is standing water can ruin it quickly. If you do not get the water extracted and professional drying equipment set quickly, your hardwood flooring could be beyond restoration. 

Kitchen Fire in Tuscaloosa

Grease fires are the most common kitchen fire. Tip: Throw flour on a grease fire to help put it out quickly if you cannot work the extinguisher. Then Call SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa to help you with the cleanup. They burn big and burn quickly. 

Refrigerator Leak

In this picture, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa responded to a refrigerator leak that left inches of standing water in the kitchen floor. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's team extracted the water and dried the kitchen getting the baseboards, flooring, walls, and cabinets dry and prevented microbial growth in the home. 

Travelling Soot

When a fire happens in your home or business, no matter the size, if your HVAC is running the smoke damage is spreading. Here is a picture of a Tuscaloosa apartment closet that suffered from soot damage due to a grease fire in the opposite side of the apartment.

Continuing Education

Stormy and Blaze do act out during our Biohazard Cleanup continuing education course. If you didn't know, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa teaches state CE courses for agents and adjusters in Tuscaloosa to help with the renewal of their license.

Storm Damage Team

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's experienced and professional team members head out quickly to help with water damage due to storm flooding. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa could not be more proud of their team members and their willingness to be gone and help for extended periods of time! 

Tuscaloosa Storm Team

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa had team members who left for several weeks to help homeowners in Texas after the flooding in April of 2016. We are always here to help and be a part of Storm Team Wilson.

Christmas Cookies 2016

Stormy and Blaze helping organize cookies with to marketing reps. Each year, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa tries to get cookies out to all the local insurance offices. This is a thank you for all that they do for our community, as well as, good wishes and a Happy Holidays! 

SERVPROttown Toy Drive

Tuscaloosa has an amazing community! SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa partnered with Tuscaloosa's one place to help with the Holiday Heart Campaign. The campaign is in place to collect toys for local children in need at Christmas.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Many commercial buildings get shut down over the holidays. Did you know this is a great time to schedule a deep clean of your interiors to start off the new year fresh? SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is available 24/7 365 days of the year. We work closely with many of the large plants and commercial buildings here in Tuscaloosa to make sure they have a clean work environment when they come back in after the holidays. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is a professionally trained and privately owned company. SERVPRO will deep clean your carpeting to make it look like a brand new carpet! 

Pipe Burst Tuscaloosa

Without warning, a pipe can burst in your Tuscaloosa home. Sometimes, you will know immediately.Unfortunately there are times that water damage can be prolonged and you can have some serious damage in your flooring and walls. This pipe burst filled several rooms in this home causing some major damage in main areas, but a slow leak came in the adjacent rooms. 

Mold in Tuscaloosa Gone Wrong

Mold is a living organism so small that when you can visually see the spore growing on a surface, you know you have a lot. Those spores need to be more than just wiped away, the spores need to be completely neutralized and then cleaned away. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa uses the proper cleaning techniques to clean your surfaces as well as airborne spores. In this picture, not where someone tried to "wipe" the mold away and ended up spreading the surface mold.

Fire 35405

A kitchen fire can lead to so much damage. Not just burn damage, but the soot and debris travels throughout your home. You really find out that the kitchen is the heart of your home when you are finding soot from even a small self-contained kitchen fire. Pictured is damage from a Tuscaloosa Kitchen fire.

Debris from Louisiana Flooding 2016

This picture reflects debris in the streets of Louisiana after the 2016 flooding. Several of the SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa team were a part of the Wilson Storm Team and dropped everything to be able to go and help the residents of Louisiana get started in getting their daily routines back.

Louisiana Flood Damage 2016

When it comes to storm damage, unfortunately, even restoration is impossible. Above is a picture of the 2016 Louisiana flood damage for the SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa team that went to help. 

Tinsel Trail 2016

Every year, Tuscaloosa's One Place hosts a Tinsel trail fundraising event for the community of Tuscaloosa. Organizations and businesses purchase Christmas trees to be set up at the Tuscaloosa River Walk. Each business and organization decorates their tree for the community to enjoy during the holidays! 


SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa is happy to have been a part of this fundraiser for the last 3 years! 

Thanksgiving Feast 2016

This Thanksgiving, we gathered together as a SERVPRO team and built a wonderful feast. It truly represented the meaning of gathering together in as a whole, as a family, as a team. The amount of food our team pitched in an cooked was endless! We were stuffed as turkeys by the end of our lunch break! Relaxed, joyful and ready to continue working in Tuscaloosa to help everyone's homes get back together!

First Place SERVPRO Golf Tournament 2016

Albert Thompson presented the First Place prize winners from the Second Annual SERVPRO Golf Tournament to Joe Duckworth of Keller Williams. His teammates, who could not be present today, were Bobby Bragg and Andrew Hudson. Many thanks to Wagner's who supplied a Nike golf Polo for each of the winner's and Peterbrooke Chocolatier for their yummy Red Cross Chocolate bars! The winner's also received a crystal trophy and a gift card to Academy Sports and Outdoors! 

Red Cross Check Presentation 2016

In October, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa hosted a golf tournament at Tall Pines of Woodland Forrest benefiting The American Red Cross West Alabama Chapter. October is Fire Prevention month and Red Cross is trying to educate households and businesses to create and practice a two minute emergency escape plan. This year, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa, with the help of our wonderful sponsors, raffle donors, and golfers were able to donate $1600.00 to the campaign! We Love our Tuscaloosa Community!!

2016 SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa Golf Tournament

Thank you to all the sponsors for our 2016 Golf Tournament!

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa had a fantastic time at Tall Pines of Woodland Forrest interacting with both the golfers and the sponsors that could make it out and watch the tournament. It was a beautiful morning and absolutely perfect weather despite the heat. We all enjoyed a wonderful lunch of grilled chicken and braised short ribs catered by a locally owned steak restaurant- R. Davidson's Chophouse. Lunch sponsors this year were CRDN Textiles, Bell Construction, and R Davidson' themselves donated a large portion of the food costs. Without the sponsorship from each of these wonderful companies, we would not be able to host such a relaxing event for an amazing organization the American Red Cross.

All-American Storage Fire Damage

This was the aftermath of a large fire at the All-American Storage facility in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This fire hit many storage units causing significant smoke and soot damage. SERVPRO has to ability to get to any disaster quickly. All of our staff has gone through the proper training to clean and restore first if possible before resorting to replacement. The owner of All-American Storage company could not believe how quickly and completely SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa was able to clean every storage unit on the property and recover as many items as possible. We make disasters "Like it never even happened."

All-American Storage Fire Damage

Here is SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's crew hard at work cleaning the contents of individual storage units affected by the fire at All-American Storage. Cleaning and Restoration is our first priority!

Academy of Ballet & Jazz

SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's team danced while they worked hard and according to the Academy's Facebook page, did a fantastic job cleaning the Academy of Ballet & Jazz. Head over to The Academy of Ballet and Jazz's Facebook page to read their shout-out after our crew finished a routine deep cleaning!