Water Damage Photo Gallery

Sink Leak

Sometimes, areas of your home can suffer damage slowly rather than a large damage at once. That slow sink leak, can possible cause more damage over that extended time than the sudden burst of a pipe would. How? When a pipe bursts, as a homeowner, sometimes you will have the opportunity to act quickly before damage has set in. A slow sink leak gone unnoticed, can cause cabinet swelling, extend to the sheetrock and subfloor. If gone unnoticed, a sink leak can really throw 

HVAC Back Up Causing Ceiling Spots

Occasionally, you may see some brown staining on a ceiling throughout a building or in your own Tuscaloosa home. One's first though is roof damage caused this staining after a hard rain. While that is always a possibility, that you should check out, the HVAC unit is also a probable cause. Your unit's drip pan can over flow and spill causing damage to your ceilings. Another possibility is your drain lines could be clogged causing the water to overflow versus flowing out. 

Testing for Moisture in Walls

In this picture, you will see our SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa rep using a professional tool to check the sheet rock in a Tuscaloosa County home. Our rep is making sure that the moisture levels are good in the walls and the potential for microbial growth is minimal.

Standing water on Hardwood

One of the downfalls of hardwood flooring, is standing water can ruin it quickly. If you do not get the water extracted and professional drying equipment set quickly, your hardwood flooring could be beyond restoration. 

Refrigerator Leak

In this picture, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa responded to a refrigerator leak that left inches of standing water in the kitchen floor. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa's team extracted the water and dried the kitchen getting the baseboards, flooring, walls, and cabinets dry and prevented microbial growth in the home. 

Pipe Burst Tuscaloosa

Without warning, a pipe can burst in your Tuscaloosa home. Sometimes, you will know immediately.Unfortunately there are times that water damage can be prolonged and you can have some serious damage in your flooring and walls. This pipe burst filled several rooms in this home causing some major damage in main areas, but a slow leak came in the adjacent rooms.