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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Fire Damage Clean Up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

This guitar was affected by the smoke and soot from a Tuscaloosa house fire. In the left picture, you can see how dark the guitar look. Up close, it does not ap... READ MORE

Fire Damage

Here we have pictures of a house fire in Northport, Alabama. The fire, pictured on the left, left the walls, flooring and much of the contents damaged and dirty... READ MORE

Burst Pipe

Here you can see where a pipe burst in the ceiling above a garage in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama home. With water damages, sometimes the drywall is beyond drying and ... READ MORE

Burst Pipe

Here we have yet another burst pipe in a Tuscaloosa, Alabama home. In the picture on the lefts, you can see the damaged ceiling even has insulation falling thro... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damage

This hallway in Tuscaloosa, Alabama suffered a severe fire. The hallway was damages almost beyond recognition. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa was quick to the scene and ... READ MORE

Water Damage

This half-bath in a Northport Alabama home looks almost exactly the same. The original hardwood flooring was, unfortunately, damaged by water beyond restoration... READ MORE

Water Damage (Hardwood Floor)

This Tuscaloosa, Alabama suffered a water damage that affected the original hardwood flooring. In the picture on the left, you can see not only the spots in the... READ MORE

Fire Damage

This kitchen fire damage in Tuscaloosa, Alabama left in its trail a lot of black soot. The flooring is unrecognizable in the left picture. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa... READ MORE

Power of Pressure Washing

Did you know that many people that try to pressure wash their home or business result in injury. The power behind a pressure washer is underestimated by many DI... READ MORE

Garage Fire

Throughout some of our blogs and pictures, we have mentioned the damage reach of a house fire even a small one. In these pictures, you will see the cause of the... READ MORE

Hidden Under the Baseboards

In the event of a water damage in your Tuscaloosa home, or commercial building, it is important for SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa to follow their professional protocol ... READ MORE

Even Your Business can Suffer

We may have our homes insured and prepared for disasters, but a business can suffer as well. Many times we think that "what are the chances?" However, more than... READ MORE

Sudden Rain

When we have had a long drought season so, sudden heavy rains for two days has left many businesses and people unprepared for flooding! Getting your commercial ... READ MORE

Basement Mold in Tuscaloosa County

Did you know that areas that have high levels of moisture are at risk for microbial growth. Thanks to gravity, basements are a prime breeding ground for the nat... READ MORE

Mold on Concrete

When mold spores take over porous surfaces, the stains that follow the remediation provide a difficult challenge to dispose of in a DIY manner. Many times, the ... READ MORE

Water Damage

In these two pictures, you can see where the water heater caused severe water damage and even microbial growth in the little utility closet. A water damage left... READ MORE

Flooding 2017

Many times, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa will get called out to help with Storms. This particular picture is from the Mississippi flooding in 2017. Our crew packed up ... READ MORE

Green Machine

Many times, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa will get called out to help with Storms. This particular picture is from the Mississippi flooding in 2017. Our crew packed up ... READ MORE

Hidden Damage

Many times, SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa will get called out to help with Storms. This particular picture is from the Mississippi flooding in 2017. The rain damage the... READ MORE

Washing Machine Overflows

You leave for class, when you return you find you are taking a shower in your laundry room. The apartment above has overflowed their washing machine or dishwash... READ MORE

Office Flooding

Even a 24/7 business can experience disasters of their own. In this instance, this commercial business experienced just that. A hose with clean water leaked bac... READ MORE

Winter Storm causes Frozen Pipes

In 2015 , a massive snow storm in April caused many home owners to experience flooding inside their homes. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa was a part of many franchise te... READ MORE

Leak in the Bathroom

This small leak in the cabinet of the bathroom caused heavy microbial growth. What many people do not know, is microbial growth, if untreated, can cause serious... READ MORE

Cleaning Contents- Fire

In the event of a fire in your Tuscaloosa home, the cleaning can get overwhelming. Many times, homeowners do not realize the severity of the soot travel if it i... READ MORE