Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Cutting Out Black Growth

Behind appliances can lurk many things, one in particular is microbial growth. Behind this fridge, there was a small unknown leak. The growth took over behind t... READ MORE

Baseboard Mold

In this home, what was believed to just be growth behind baseboards has turned in to a little bit more. The growth that started behind the baseboards spread to... READ MORE

Subfloor Mold

Your Tuscaloosa home may suffer a slow leak that you may not notice until after some time. In this home, a slow leak started in the kitchen and cause microbial ... READ MORE

Leak in the Bathroom

This small leak in the cabinet of the bathroom caused heavy microbial growth. What many people do not know, is microbial growth, if untreated, can cause serious... READ MORE

Mold on Concrete

When mold spores take over porous surfaces, the stains that follow the remediation provide a difficult challenge to dispose of in a DIY manner. Many times, the ... READ MORE

Basement Mold in Tuscaloosa County

Did you know that areas that have high levels of moisture are at risk for microbial growth. Thanks to gravity, basements are a prime breeding ground for the nat... READ MORE

Hidden Under the Baseboards

In the event of a water damage in your Tuscaloosa home, or commercial building, it is important for SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa to follow their professional protocol ... READ MORE